Kelli Blanchard (Kel)

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Hometown: Napoleon, MI

Age: 32

Profession: Social Worker

Playing Rugby Since: 2012

Positions Played: Tight Head Prop

What do you love about rugby?

Rugby is one of few sports that empowers women to be strong; mentally AND physically. There is nothing like the full contact sport of rugby to help us deal with stress and frustration. There is no other sport in which socializing with your opponent (including singing songs and playing games) is a defining characteristic. There is no other sport where you can relish tackling someone, preventing them from scoring, then sharing a pint after the match. If you run into a rugger anywhere in the world, you have an automatic friend who will treat you like family. No other sport I've played encompasses the same degree of camaraderie. 

What does the Kenya tour mean to you?

The most important thing about this tour is the opportunity to elevate the sport of women's rugby in the US and internationally. The members of the Chicago Sirens live our value of promoting women in sports through our dedication to the team. This tour gives us the opportunity to give voice to women who love to play sports and to those who may not have the opportunity to do so. We are grateful for the chance to promote awareness and support of women in sports- rugby in particular.